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Non-Duality Awakening

Welcome to our five-star Non-Duality Awakening App, an app designed to open your heart and relax your mind! Once you experience what non-duality app has to offer, you’ll drop the ego instantly and Awaken to the Unconditional Love and Oneness that Simply Is!

The app, officially titled “David Hoffmeister ACIM,” offers you a glimpse into the life of David Hoffmeister—a life of practical spirituality and mysticism. Always up-to-date, the app provides direct access to David’s latest talks from around the world.


App Author

David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister guides you into the field of practical Quantum Physics and non-duality. Non-dual teachings have been around for centuries but “applied non-duality” is another matter entirely. Come and enter a completely new way of thinking and perceiving. The world you thought you knew will never seem the same. Experience the Unified Field of consciousness that is the heart and soul of Enlightened Quantum Physics.

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