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Welcome to our five-star Non-Duality Awakening App, an app designed to open your heart and relax your mind! Once you experience what non-duality app has to offer, you’ll drop the ego instantly and Awaken to the Unconditional Love and Oneness that Simply Is!

The app, officially titled “David Hoffmeister ACIM,” offers you a glimpse into the life of David Hoffmeister—a life of practical spirituality and mysticism. Always up-to-date, the app provides direct access to David’s latest talks from around the world.


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David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister guides you into the field of practical Quantum Physics and non-duality. Non-dual teachings have been around for centuries but “applied non-duality” is another matter entirely. Come and enter a completely new way of thinking and perceiving. The world you thought you knew will never seem the same. Experience the Unified Field of consciousness that is the heart and soul of Enlightened Quantum Physics.

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Our Awakening Mind community is a global community of like-minded friends around the world who are committed to spiritual awakening—to forgiving (seeing the falsity of) whatever is blocking the awareness of Truth/Oneness. Awakening to the Truth of Who we are is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to experience the non-dual Awareness that is our Natural State. Every moment is a gift, an invitation to drop our masks and allow the Love that we are to shine through.

In actuality, spiritual community has nothing to do with form. It isn’t about including or recruiting people or growing and expanding; it is a ministry in mind, an awareness of totality and all that is contained in totality: peace, love, and constant happiness. This is the awareness that Awakening Mind extends and shares. Living in community, a symbolic context for accelerating one’s own awakening, can be used in a helpful way for “the whole.” Awakening is not actually about the individual or personal self; awakening is for the whole, for the one mind waking up from the dream of separation by getting in touch with and releasing everything it has believed. In order for us to accept the truth of Who we are and receive the gift God wants us to know—true happiness—we have to allow the Spirit to wash us clean of everything that is not Love.

For a deeper understanding of how we use our spiritual community as a context for spiritual practice, read our guidelines below!


A Guide to Spiritual Practice with Awakening Mind


1. Volunteers

Awakening Mind does not involve the concept of membership and therefore relies entirely upon volunteers for every aspect of the ministry. Volunteers receive no financial compensation and no perks or tangible rewards for their devotion to Awakening. The benefits given and received are entirely spiritual and always purely and simply a state of mind.

2. Non-Profit

Awakening Mind is completely non-profit. The purpose for this community is experiencing present inner peace through forgiveness, and thus there is no incentive to grow larger or attain money, power, possessions, or property. Present peace is content with the present moment and therefore unconcerned with the past or future.

3. Intuitive

Awakening Mind encourages everyone to develop intuitive listening to their inner Guide and to trust and depend upon this guidance for decisions in everyday living. How one feels is a barometer for discerning that which is intuitively helpful, and peace is its own reward.

4. Divine Providence

Awakening Mind nurtures the awareness and experience that trust would settle every problem now. Trust in divine providence, the Holy Spirit, and Christ is the means given by God to answer every seeming problem that arises in perception. Friends in the community are always referred and directed to the Voice for God within and toward the recognition that God is the Creator, Source, and Provider.

5. Non-Judgment

All comparisons, opinions, and assumptions naturally give way to intuitive guidance as a practical alternative to conflict. Guidance is always respected and following inner guidance is always encouraged. The outcome of listening to and following the Holy Spirit and Christ is always peace, Love, happiness, freedom, and joy. There need not be any exceptions to trusting inner guidance and living a life of integrity, non-judgment, honesty, and harmony.

6. Generosity

To give is to receive. Awakening Mind honors the divine law of Love. Freely you have received, now freely give. Generosity flows naturally from trust. Giving is an attitude that extends Love and continuously receives and experiences Love’s extending. Love knows no lack or scarcity or deprivation. Love is an abundant state of mind that is whole and completely shared.

7. No Pri