Quantum Physics

Quantum physics has proven that the world we perceive is not “objective” as science has always assumed. Rather, it is a subjective universe that does not operate independently from our own thoughts!

Quantum Expansion

Non-Duality and Quantum Physics

In the videos below, David Hoffmeister guides you into the Field of Practical Quantum Physics and spirituality, specifically non-duality. Read the following message from David as an introduction to the topics discussed in our video gallery:

“The pioneers of quantum physics overturned and transcended Newtonian physics and the scientific method. Quantum physicists worked down to the smallest units and realized that everything they thought they knew about the world was not true. The world is about potentiality. In superposition, for example, things appear where we believe they will appear. And that is exciting because it is a science discovery that does not have to stay in the lab. It actually has everything to do with Who we are. It is the gateway to our experience of being one with Source!


We are on the threshold of this experience. There is a scene in the movie Solaris where one of the characters has been having fearful separation thoughts, and his partner says to him, ‘We don’t have to think like that anymore.’ We are moving away from stories, linear perceptions, and grievances to a whole new way of thinking, in which we are whole and complete and innocent. It is truly thrilling to know that we are on the cusp of that right now. It is not something that we have to wait for. The Truth is right here, right now, patiently saying, ‘Here I am.’ Awakening is indeed a glorious journey of miracles and discoveries, and I feel so honored to be a full participant in it.”

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Essential Teachings

What Is Non-Duality?

The Awakening Mind path centers on the one Truth that God is real and the duality of the world is not. This is the essential teaching of pure non-duality.

Let us dive deeply into the mind until it is apparent that peace of mind is available to us this very instant. We want to take a close look at all the false beliefs, presently held dear, that obstruct the awareness of True Self and God. We want to raise these false beliefs to the light and trace them back to their false cause—the belief in separation from God.

The feeling of restlessness is related to choices that seem varied and complex. Can you see that, if this is the case, you must believe that there are real future choices to make? What are these personal choices between? Aren’t they perceived to be between options or alternatives within a dualistic world? Aren’t they seen to be between two or more specific things? That’s inherent in this concept of choice, isn’t it? Now, what is the commonality of the choices in the world, the personal choices that we are describing? They are always choices between forms and specifics. Choice rests on the belief in a dualistic, linear, time-space world of opposites, including past/future, does it not?

So it comes down to this: the whole idea of choice between specifics must rest on the concept of linear time, as contrasted with simultaneous time—Now! Heaven is Eternal Oneness and has nothing to do with choice, since there is nothing to choose between in Oneness. One must see choice where it has meaning as a learning device, at the mind level, before there can be remembrance of choiceless Oneness. Just beyond all the things you think you have to do lies one simple choice: all you have to do is make one decision for peace! Really it’s not even a decision; it’s just an acceptance. What we want to look at is everything that seems to stand in the way of this acceptance. It’s that simple.


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